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The Wellbeing Show is our weekly live podcast on YouTube and Facebook Live.

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Jodi O'Donnell-Ames the founder of Hope Loves Company, the only nonprofit dedicated to supporting the children and grandchildren of people living with ALS. She is also a motivational speaker, life coach and host of the podcast, Gratitude to Latitude: Stories of Hope and Resilience, through which she celebrates the people and the stories that have fueled her purpose and passion for personal growth and healing.
Barbara J. Williams, Ph.D., was raised in a New Jersey neighborhood of Irish immigrants and their first- and second-generation descendants. She went on to have a long nursing career, primarily in psychiatry and then research. I Hate You, Mary Sullivan is her first book.
FLAARE CIC is a community creating opportunities and experiences that support youth futures across our communities. We deliver youth programmes in collaboration with business partners and mentors. We also deliver innovative development experiences to Youth Workers because we know that, to empower young people, we must empower their active role models to thrive!

The Wellbeing Show

Evidence-Based Practice, requires that decisions about health care are based on the best available, current, valid, and relevant evidence. These decisions should be made by those receiving care, informed by the tacit and explicit knowledge of those providing care. Components of Evidence-Based Practice: Best available evidence, Clinician’s knowledge, and skills, Patient’s wants and needs.