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Exclusive services from world leading professionals skilled at
treating complex mental health and addiction recovery for over 25 years.

Mental Health Works Ltd

We provide expert psychological therapies, medical and psychiatric consultancy, nursing and other therapies for your mental health care and well-being. An innovative approach in the independent and private sectors of mental health offering a comprehensive health care plan focusing on stepped care, assertive outreach with the management of carefully curated multi-disciplinary teams.
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The Wellbeing Show

The Wellbeing Show is our weekly live podcast on YouTube and Facebook Live. We provide a supportive platform for professional mental health and wellbeing practitioners, as well as individuals who, through lived experience, qualify to explore their work and life with a live audience. Developing insight and depth into complex issues of psychological distress and the solutions that real people have found in their lives and work.

Social Media and Press

CEO, Founder, Public Figure Noel McDermott…, an early adopter of social media and the use of press outlets as a medium, provides high quality evidence based solutions addressing issues of psychological distress to the public at large. Recognised as expert spokespeople by the UK media, the team regularly contribute to national press (print, online and broadcast).

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Connect With Us

We have lively and active social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. We promote real psychological solutions to the distressing issues that we all face in our lives.
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“We are here to help – together we can get you through this.”

Noel McDermott - Psychotherapist

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Your Journey to Wellbeing Starts Here

You may contact us by filling in this form any time you need professional support or have any questions. You can also use this form to leave your comments or feedback.

E-mail us at or call us on:

Mobile/Cell/WhatsApp: +44 (0)7506 319745

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Evidence-Based Practice, requires that decisions about health care are based on the best available, current, valid, and relevant evidence. These decisions should be made by those receiving care, informed by the tacit and explicit knowledge of those providing care. Components of Evidence-Based Practice: Best available evidence, Clinician’s knowledge, and skills, Patient’s wants and needs.